Stop Black Facing Now!

Imagine spending a week craving a meal from your favorite restaurant only to get there, have the meal placed before you and just as your about to merge that wonderful aroma with the taste of your first bite...out pops a roach! 


Well, that sadness and disappointment is only a fraction of what Black and POC people face, when hit with discriminating images on TV, in movies, the news, online, in theaters, while trick or treating, at parades, at holiday events, while get the picture.  


Blackfacing. Yes, it's not just a thing of the past and it's getting more and more frequent every day. This form of discrimination uses the makeup of minstrel shows, where performers created a stereotyped caricature of a black person, to reinstate and create new stereotypes of Black people today. 


John Strausbaugh placed it as part of a tradition of "displaying Blackness for the enjoyment and edification of white viewers" and in Europe, [it] dates back at least to 1441, when captive West Africans were displayed in Portugal. (


In 2014, Krik.TV partnered up with the Initiative of Black People Living in Germany (ISD) in Fight Racism Now (FRN) Sweden's Global fight to get racism on the political agenda in Germany and 20+ other participating countries. 


Enter the STAND!

The STAND! is part silent protest, part political activism, part having fun and in whole empowerment! 


By joining to the STAND!, you are lending your support to end racism and discrimination in the arts and beyond.


By purchasing a T-shirt, you are showing your solidarity in a fight against the racism and discrimination. Additionally you can follow the twitter hashtag #stopblackfacingnow to get updates on coordinated actions and events that we will be initiating.


It’s that easy!


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