about Krik.TV


Krik TV loves to  aggregate content from around the globe and offer up live and on demand content focusing on Black and People of Color communities. Currently, broadcasting out of Berlin, Germany, original content will center around the rich, cultural wealth of Black and POC perspectives as well as the outsider experience.



Because we all need a place to escape to or a soapbox to speak from.

Krik TV's got some educational, fun, relaxing or even racy material that reflects the diverse realities of people all over the globe. And there's lots out there.


The Goal

The goal is to readjust the frequency of everyday life with hard facts, hard laughs and just plain ole good entertainment.


Krik TV aims to be a place for minorities like us to voice opinions, air concerns, share stories, chill out, laugh, find empowerment and experience the wealth of our shared global cultures.


Welcome and please enjoy Krik TV!



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