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Hi Everyone,

I know that I've disappeared for quite some time, but that has all been for good reason. Fall last year I began working on my Masters in Intercultural Education and have spent the last months pretty much in isolation as I work on my thesis. The program was intense and combined with my over-achieving work habits, didn't leave much room for extra curricular activities.

That said, for my thesis, I have put together a survey about media literacy in relation to colonialism and imperialism. The survey might need some work, but for my needed information, it's quite focused.

Here is where you come in.

Could you take a moment to fill out this survey. The survey will run until Tuesday, 22 October and you are more than welcome to spread it around.

This survey is in English and contains media in German. To properly fill out this survey, you must possess an intermediate understanding of written English and spoken German. Please make responses to this survey in English or German; which ever language you are most comfortable expressing yourself in.

The survey should take roughly 30 minutes. Please take the time to complete each question to the best of your ability. You can only fill the survey out once and once submitted, you may not change your responses.

This is not an intelligence test!

Media literacy takes the stand point that one must receive the tools needed for understanding media in order to understand how and to what purpose messages are created. I am looking into what capabilities we possess without for media literacy education. So whatever your answer is, I appreciate it. More importantly, this survey is anonymous, so please please please do not add your names at any point in the responses.

Please take the time to fill it out before Tuesday, 22 October. Click here to access it:



Very Very Very Much Appreciated!